Have you ever felt like you are wearing someone else’s “shoes” in this thing called, “life”? Are you hiding behind a filter, following the “expected standards” + being held under “judgements'” control? Or maybe, you are simply asking yourself, “WHO AM I – REALLY?”

It’s time to get back to your core being.

As your personal Lifestyle Designer + Mindset Coach, I am here to unveil your authentic authority – your truth that is hidden deep within, or perhaps a little “stuck” amongst the crevices, being overlooked + mistaken in some other form of work, relationship or perhaps willpower.

I want to welcome you, “Home”. To a place that you fully trust + feel completely comfortable living in – your body, mind + eternal soul. Together we will work to improve your mindset + overcome your limiting beliefs in order to achieve your goals + unveil your authentic capacity.

My customized approach in coaching combines a series of energetic practices tailored to your unique footprint:
Astrology + Metaphysics // Breath Work + Body Awareness + Chi Flow // Food as Medicine // Harmonization of Space {Home} + Low-Toxin + Conscious Living

Please contact us for bookings + consultations, as space fills quickly: [email protected] 

let’s begin…

Whether you are “game on” and ready to take on this new chapter in designing your lifestyle, or perhaps you have a few more questions – we’re here to help you along your way, at your pace.