about kb.

HI! I’m Katherine, but my friends call me KB!

I started the “Just Bein’ Honest” platform in 2017 as a simple blog with hopes to educate others on how to live a more environmentally passionate + wellness conscious lifestyle. Slowly, a blog transformed in to a podcast : “Just Bein’ Honest”, to which thought-leaders, entrepreneurs + wellness change-makers would join together to share their stories of HONEST living to the masses.

I am passionate about helping others become truly informed on how they too can live a life of CLARITY.

* Photo by the incredible David Palermo

Through my practice as a Mindset Coach + Lifestyle Designer, I have cultivated a unique + highly customized : Intuitive guide to Designing a Lifestyle based upon authentic transparency of one’s “HONEST CAPACITY”.

I work with those seeking CHANGE + GROWTH on the subjects of Anti-aging, Internal / External Functional Health, Metaphysical + Astrological connection, Low-Toxin + Conscious Living + sustaining a foundation of Growth Mindset.

My clients are personal advocates for their health + overall lifestyle. They are innovators, adventure seekers + artistic creators with so much longevity at the heart’s core.

They stand up for what they believe in and are passionate about paving the way towards change, as they live a life of purpose.

When I am not working with others, I enjoy being in the sunshine with my sweet pup “Poppy”, hosting the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast, and creating original artwork at K.Brown Studio.

For inquiries regarding personal consulting, events and partnerships, please contact: katherine@justbeinhonest.com or schedule directly.

Aligning Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Social + Environmental Influences