Lifestyle Design Session // a la carte

Jumpstart your Lifestyle Transformation Journey //

– Retrain your thought patterns + Master your mindset.

*** $150 / 45 minutes

Lifestyle Design Mapping // 3 month

Full customization Lifestyle Design + Mindset Coaching //

– Retrain your thought patterns + develop a growth mindset.

– Learn wellness techniques that work with your unique traits.

– Learn Plant Based Living.

– Learn Low-Impact Living + Sustainable Practices {Low-Toxic / Conscious Living}

– Learn Harmony of the House + Space Curation.

*** $1750 / 3-months

Monthly Retainer  

* For clients that have completed a full 3-month Lifestyle Design Mapping

– Self-regulated pace and scheduling of accountability and on-going growth in all of your goals!

– One face to face a week {virtual}

*** $275 / Month | 12 Month contract

Personal Space Curation

{ Harmonization of Space + Low-Toxin + Conscious Living }

For me, there is a clarity + joy in seeing what others cannot see. There is a clarity in finding grace + harmony in places others overlook.
The space that you live in is another form of self-identification in tangible form, yet it holds energetic frequency that fuels your soul’s optimal rhythm of “life”. Learn how to transform your life with conscious living + modern feng shui creating an energetic space.

*** $125 / 60 minutes

I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a life.

– Maya Angelou

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